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Riverwest Park / Camp Fear

23301 West Maple Road

Elkhorn, NE 68022


"Camp fear is by far the BEST haunted house Omaha has ever had. It has characters that play by the moment and they aren't just reading or repeating lines. It's literally the best in the Midwest. Camp, drink, have a fire and just have fun. Camp fear is by far the best in Omaha." - Toby M.

"Camp Fear was nothing short of amazing! As someone who loves this time of year and all the festivities that go on this is one I would not miss! Especially for the price! "Blood Rush" is the fresh, creative and scary attraction Omaha needed! River West Park nailed it!" - Aly H.

"Nice to have something new in Omaha! The overnight camping is an experience itself!" - Sarah C.

"Went again lastnight and had a blast with my wife, $8 dollars for 3 movies you can't beat that! Everyone we ran into like usual that worked at the park was awesome. We have been here probably about 10 if times if not more since they open a few years ago and always enjoy our selfs, Bill is also a great park manager! Glad to see this place expand and get the business it deserves." - Jason V

"What other place around here can you not only camp over night but watch movies outdoors and go through a haunted house? For their first year of having a haunted house, they did an amazing job and can only add onto that!" - Courtney J 

"I love this place ! Movie nights are the best. They have open areas for camping and paid fire pits along with a small consession area. And that food is so good to. They play the best horror movies. They have them almost every weekend as well. I know you can also bring rvs they've an area for those. Bring your family friends tents blankets camp out over night. Its cheap and a blast. Not far either!(:" - Mak K

" This thing blows all the others away. Its not a tent in a parking lot or the same old thing year after year in town. Omaha has needed something like this for a long time. Super scary, very dark and for $10 its the best thrill in Omaha hands down. I'm bringing back a group next weekend for a party there. You can rent a campfire area, watch horror movies, bring your own booze and even camp there overnight." - Eric R.

"CAMP FEAR!!! No one miss out on this attraction this year! "Blood Rush" was such a thrill and I was thoroughly spooked! Prices are great, people are great and I'm definitely going back this weekend!" - Katy C.

"As a haunt and halloween enthusiast, I greatly enjoyed my stay at Camp Fear. The staff is very nice and hospitable. The owner, Bill, is very kind, open to constructive criticism, and makes sure his guests are happy. The staff volunteered to help and make our stay as comfortable as possible. The restrooms are porta-potties but they are kept clean; some of the cleanest at a large event that I've used. Bloodrush is one of the better haunts that I have experienced and it takes quite a while to get through. The movie selection is great. The concession stands have good food that are very reasonably priced. The actors and characters went above and beyond to spook movie watchers and campers. Over all, I will definitely be back! Thank you!" - Kara L

"Went last year. Tons of fun, the haunted trail/house was one of the best in Omaha. We are looking toward to coming this year again." - Samantha O

"Had such a blast! Had a group of people with us and everyone had such a great time with the Z bunker and the woods♡ couldn't ask for a better get together" - Alisha S